Inspiration for a Balanced Life

B – Being – if you don’t know who you are, no-one else will. Start tapping into who you are, feel into what you love, and create your own identity – never settle for less than that and go out and create the life that you deserve.

A – Aligning Yourself with Yourself – what are your values? Aligning with your values will create healthy HABITS which will stick when you have an emotional attachment to it. Again, when you tap into your values, life becomes fun and easy and filled with joy and happiness. read more


Great Memories will last a Lifetime!

This has been a great summer, filled with fun, adventure and most importantly to me, great quality time spent with friends and family! My passion always will be about Having Fun, Creating Memories and Living Life to the Fullest. The truth is that Life is Short and it is important to follow your heart, do what you want and find ways to “Live your Dreams” I don’t know what that is for you, but for me, it’s to spread joy and happiness to this world and make memories with those that mean the most to me. Life can be one great adventure. Why not make yours one where you can look back and say, “I made that happen and had the time of my life!” read more


Tim’s Free Hugs, Total Inspiration

This video deserves to be shared as it is always great to bring awareness to people and organizations that are making a difference. Tim is a role model and a super example of someone who deserves to be noticed.

There’s a lot of great inspirational people in this world. Here’s a great story of a young man who’s name is Tim who had a dream to make a difference and is now inspiring many people to “Dream Big” and to never settle for anything less than what you want and desire in this world. GO Tim! read more


Watoto – Inspiration, Love and Joy!

There are plenty of people and organizations doing great things to make a difference and change the world. As always, my intention is to make you aware of as many of them as I can.

This past week has been one of the most incredible weeks of my life – I have never been a groupie before although I would have if Elvis Presley was still around, but I sure am now and cannot help but be affected by the children, their stories, their smiles and their purpose. If you want to learn more about the the Watoto mission and see what they are all about, visit their site here. read more


Awesome “We Day” Vancouver..

We Day Inspires in Vancouver and around the World!

I had the privilege of being a volunteer for one of the most amazing Change the World organizations once again recently in Vancouver, BC. I have been fortunate to be part of this for the 4th year in a row and I’m always excited to be amongst the children and to know more about what they are going to do as an agent of change in this world. We Day not only makes a difference in the lives of many children, but impacts all those who volunteer. I can attest to that and how many people are inspired to continue making a difference.
read more


Great “PosAbilities” – anything is Possible

Anything is Possible at “PosAbilities”

Recently I had the opportunity to experience an organization I had never heard of before. On the invitation of a friend, I met an incredible woman named Monique who shared the vision of this company and invited me out to a Gala opening event to meet some of the artists and the organizers of this company. This event was called the “Inclusion Art Show” and was in a word, “Amazing” read more


Make Memories, Have Fun, Live Life to the Fullest!

This past week was one of the Coolest experiences ever.

Hyak River Rafting Adventures proved to be one of the most outstanding events of the year for me, not just for the rafting, the constant massive waves to the face, and the awesome scenery including the incredible waterfall experience which we were in awe about, but also because of the new relationships and the laughter and screams of all my new friends made throughout the trip! I highly encourage this kind of adventure and if you happen to be in BC, you MUST look up Hyak and give this experience a try! read more