My passion has always been to make a difference and to be a positive influence, and for many years, I did this as an MC and a Host. Since then, I have taken this to new level as a coach and have helped many people find more joy and happiness. As a Happiness Coach, I enjoy and thrive on Transforming Lives!

There are many kinds of coaches in the world, and there are just as many different approaches. Coaching first and foremost is about teaching. It’s showing others how to do something they don’t know, or don’t know well. Often coaching is knowing just a little more than the one you are teaching. A lot of factors go into being a great coach. Here’s FIVE ….

Five qualities of a Great Coach

1. Having passion for teaching others how to grow and move closer to their goal. Passion is always the fuel for success, which makes the coaching experience come alive.

2. A Great Coach needs to know what brings out the best. They must be able to convey that philosophy to others in such a way that they don’t just listen, but they ACT.

3. A Great Coach must be able to convey the big picture. It then needs to be broken down to its simplest and most essential parts, and correctly practiced over and over until mastered. The right little things done well will always create the next successful big outcome.

4. The ability to listen, identify strengths and talents, and tap into their passions. A Great Coach must put people in a position to succeed in the best way possible.

5. A Great Coach communicates the truth authentically and with respect.


“Robin is a caring, supportive and confident person who enjoys bringing out the best
in people. He is a great listener and is terrific at asking questions and identifying
what needs to be worked on. He is a fantastic Happiness coach and can
help guide ur life to a whole new level of fun and confidence”
**Charlene Pererra, Vancouver**


**If you are interested in having a chat and a “Complimentary 45min Discovery Conversation”
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