Live, Love, Do just a little bit More!

Sometimes you have moments in life that reminds you of Who you are, your Greatness and Your Power of Best – we all have great memories, and quite often forget what they are, Here’s an amazing experience that reminds us of the impact we will have on others when we just pay attention to what the world needs – just a little more love!

The other day as I was surfing Facebook, I ended up with the most powerful conversation with one of my favorite students from over 20 years ago in Thompson, Manitoba. We were chatting about life, and a question that popped up that I often ask people is, “What was your favorite memory in Grade 4 – without hesitation, she said, “It was when you decided that we were going to be pen pals with your mom” – I needed to know more, so we used some of my air miles and took a trip down memory lane – It wasn’t long before we shared a tear which made me reflect upon why I made that move and at that time. We shared a laugh, and this experience was one of the coolest and Happiest Memories ever!

My Mom had a major accident back then and was not in good spirits – my students were sad because one of our students was very sick in the hospital – at that time, we were doing something else, but I looked around the room and felt like switching it up, doing something pretty creative for my awesome Mom and my Students at the same time!

I said, “Kids, Ok, I want you write a letter and ask my Mom anything you want about me – and be nice!” Seeing the smiles and curiosity on their faces was enough to know this was going to be huge – little did I know that it would be a memory that stood out in at least one of my kids hearts! They were pumped and wrote everything from “Hi to what was Mr. Wong like as a kid – was he bad?” Wow that was a fun 2 days, because after they were all done with pictures, letters, small gifts, etc, we put them in an envelope, mailed them to my mom and within three days, she called me in tears with the 32 awesome letters. She read every one of them and responded with a personal letter to each kid. I can remember that day handing out the letters they didn’t expect to receive, and watching my kids smiling, laughing and sharing the stories all day long. Of course, I wasn’t too thrilled that she shared my frequent detention visits and some other stuff including my marks, but hey I forgave her cause she’s my Mom lol. I also remember the kids wanting to develop a very cool wall mural with all the letters – well let me tell you, that was the beginning of something very special as each one them formed a relationship with my mom, and they were pen pals even long after they moved to the next grade.

What I get from this experience is Pure Magic – what you may think as just a cool thing to do may mean the world to someone else – In addition to enjoying life, I encourage everyone to get out there, make a difference, and pay massive attention to what is happening around you, and simply..
Live a little more, Love a little more and Do just a little bit more!


Passionate about helping others discover a purposeful life filled with Grateful Happiness, Robin encourages others to
Make Memories and Live Life to the Fullest! He is passionate about Spreading Joy, Loving Life, and Making a Difference!