Meet Robin.. aka mrkarmajunkie


After Graduating from Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Robin became an "Elementary teacher" in Thompson, Manitoba. For 6 years, he taught Kindergarten, grade 4 and grade 6. "My passion has always been to teach kids how to be creative and have confidence in themselves." If you get the opportunity to see Robin, he's always the one interacting with others and making them smile. "I always enjoy making people smile through a friendly gesture or a silly comment because if others are happy, they will positively influence everyone else around them - it's kind of like paying it forward and watching the love bug work its magic" 

Robin moved to Vancouver where he opened up his own private tutoring school. Robin loves to make others feel great and help them gain confidence in their abilities. "It's never just about teaching, it's about paying attention to what someone needs and then making it happen" His passion has always been to make a difference and positively influence other peoples lives.

Robin also created his own dance company, "Two Wong Shoes Dance Studio" for people with two left feet, and enjoyed teaching hundreds of fantastic students.​ Robin applied his skills of building positive relationships, then ventured into the world of advertising/online marketing where he successfully helped many people achieve success. He also assisted in creating marketing strategies and has successfully been involved in realestate and investing.

Branding himself as "mrkarmajunkie", Robin has always had the desire to do more, and as the name implies, he gets High from Helping others​. You can always find him doing just that on the streets and as a very effective Happiness Coach.

Robin has inspired many others as an MC / Host for various events. Named MC Wongster by the kids, he was the MC for Michael Jackson's Thrill the World Surrey, the MC for Philipino idol shows, several Miss World Phillipino Beauty Pageants, LaRiva Dance party, the T+T Supermarket Kids Fun Fair, the grand opening of several restaurants, and the list goes on... He was also the MC for the World Junior Curling and World Paralympic Championships in Vancouver several years back. These experiences have given him the drive to continue speaking and MCing for many different charities including working with "FACE" - Foundation for African Children's Education, and supporting many charities including the Watoto African Children's Choir, Right to Play, Save the Children, Children's Miracle Network, Me to We, Dreams Take Flight, and so many more!

Robin is an Entrepreneur, Marketing and Social Media Mentor, Happiness Coach, Host/MC, Strategic Philanthropist​, Karma and Go to Guy. His strong leadership style has positively influenced many, and his passion is to be a guiding light for all. He is dedicated to the success of others and continues to serve everyone with Honesty, Integrity and Love.