This has been a great summer, filled with fun, adventure and most importantly to me, great quality time spent with friends and family! My passion always will be about Having Fun, Creating Memories and Living Life to the Fullest. The truth is that Life is Short and it is important to follow your heart, do what you want and find ways to “Live your Dreams” I don’t know what that is for you, but for me, it’s to spread joy and happiness to this world and make memories with those that mean the most to me. Life can be one great adventure. Why not make yours one where you can look back and say, “I made that happen and had the time of my life!”

Recently, I had the pleasure and opportunity to take my mother on a trip of a lifetime to Denmark, Norway and Sweden. This my friends was the greatest trip ever with one great Mom! We talked about our amazing trip to St. Lucia we had 11 years ago and still remember that as one of the greatest memories ever. This past Christmas we decided to do it again in a big way – here’s a brief on our trip!

favvikingThis trip this summer was awesome. and we even found a way to have fun with the teeny rooms, the two single beds stuck together and the huge price tag on food. It was pretty awesome that ice water was only 3 bucks LOL. We managed and even though uncomfortable at first, we just followed suit with everyone else and gently snuck some buffet breakfast items into Mom’s purse – since I have always listened to my mom, I knew I had to listen to her again.

We spent time in Denmark (pic. to the left), cruised through the awesome Fjords of Norway, and practiced the very cool Swedish language in Sweden. Did you know that “Good Morgon” is Good Morning in Swedish, but when they say it, it sounds like “Good Moron” – we had fun with that one! There’s something cool about having a cool Mom, and man was she ever cool on this trip. I don’t think there was a picture she didn’t agree to be in, which was awesome, except for the one in the snow – she was kinda pissed!

I am always excited to share some great pictures of this trip that you can check out by clicking here on my Flickr Page. If you feel inspired to visit this magical land of fun and adventure, I can certainly be your travel guide for this one – Trust me, some of the tips
I will give you will be of super value.

Tip #1 – bring lots and lots of money!

Tip #2 – go there with an open mind and be open to the fun and spontaneity that this adventure will bring.

For me as I said above, the most important thing in life is spending time with family and friends, Having Fun, Making Memories and Living Life to the Fullest! This picture to the right is us leaving back to Canada. As you can see, my mom had a great time, which was and is one of my ultimate goals in life!

 To change the world, you must change someone else’s world, and if you can make a difference in one person’s life, you’re well on your way to changing your own. So take the opportunity to create an opportunity like this one and remember to Have Fun, Make Memories and Live Life to the Fullest!


Making more Memories with my awesome family!


Passionate about helping others discover a purposeful life filled with Grateful Happiness, Robin encourages others to
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