Anything is Possible at “PosAbilities”

Recently I had the opportunity to experience an organization I had never heard of before. On the invitation of a friend, I met an incredible woman named Monique who shared the vision of this company and invited me out to a Gala opening event to meet some of the artists and the organizers of this company. This event was called the “Inclusion Art Show” and was in a word, “Amazing”

The food was amazing, the music was great, but most importantly, the people were shining with light and talent. The artwork blew me away and it was so inspiring speaking with and sharing a laugh with alot of the artists.

This excerpt from their website – check them out!

Creating an inclusive community

We are committed to building and participating in a community where all persons are welcomed and where all members are valued for who they are and for the contributions they make. This is the vision of an inclusive community — a place characterized by diversity, hospitality, belonging and respect. Persons with developmental disabilities have historically been excluded from our society and segregated into institutions. This has weakened our communities because it has deprived us of the richness of their perspectives and abilities. It has also deprived us of the beauty of their friendship. Inclusion creates a better, stronger and safer community.

We are also committed to persons with disabilities having and exercising the same rights to self-determination as other citizens. To be self-determining means that one has control over one’s life and future—and this includes the right to make decisions about where one lives and how one lives. This is essential to self-esteem, meaning and hope. This is essential to quality of life.

Our services are guided by a set of core values that describe how we work with persons served, families, community partners and each other. They are a part of all that we do, and a reminder of the “heart” that is in our work. A strong set of values ensures that our organization can continue to evolve with the changing needs of our persons-served.

Special shout out to Inclusion BC, a great provincial non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the participation of people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of community life. It was a pleasure meeting the leaders of this organization as well.

Bottomline, an amazing organization and an amazing group of people leading the charge. Visit their website here, learn more about the “Pos Abilities” and join me in supporting the cause!


Here is a Picture of some of the amazing organizers of this and many other events..



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