In addition to Making a Difference and Changing the World, I love Having Fun, Making Memories and Living Life to the Fullest. Having Balance is such a key ingredient to a happy life, so whenever you get a chance, create that by doing things that make you smile and enjoy life!

This week I was fortunate to be able to visit Splashdown Park (now called, “Big Splash Water Park”) for an adventure of a lifetime with some amazing friends and fellow Bloggers. The weather has been amazing and HOT in Vancouver this summer and I can’t think of anything better than water, water and more water! Big Splash Water Park proved to be one of my favorite highlights of the summer, not only because of the 13 crazy, exciting and amazing slides, but also because of the warmth and hospitality of the entire staff. They did a great job hosting our epic adventure.

I actually do remember visiting Big Splash Water Park about 12 years ag0 with a couple friends, but this day was extremely special because there were over 80 of us who had the time of our lives! I think I was scared and cried back then, but can’t exactly recall that experience; I just know that it was a blast and one of the highlights of that summer!


The layout of this place is amazing. They have many different picnic areas, tents for groups, a volleyball and basketball recreation area, a great refreshment and ice-cream parlor, and so much more! We started the day with 85 of our YVR Blogger group, mostly awesome kids with waterwings saying, “Can I go into the water now!”As a group, we all spent about 4 hours frolicking in the water and connecting with old and new friends.

This is a place I highly recommend for a day full of fun, friendships and relaxation. Speaking of recommendations, when you have a ton of moms telling you that you need to wear sunscreen, just listen to them ok and don’t do the Lobster routine that I’m still currently experiencing. I remember telling a few of them that “this Chinese Newfie don’t burn” – I was Wong!

You can learn so much more about Big Splash Water Park by clicking here to visit their website:

Yes this day was amazing, which started with an opening meet and greet with Harold Fredericks, the awesome manager of Splashdown Park. He was around all day to say hello and inspire us with his recommendations. We all scattered as soon as we heard “GO” and as I said above, the rest of the day was about fun, connecting and having the time of our lives. Check this cool Short Video I produced to share some of my favorite highlights, but just for the record, I do want you all to know that I did not “Pee in the Pool”



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