This past week was one of the Coolest experiences ever.

Hyak River Rafting Adventures proved to be one of the most outstanding events of the year for me, not just for the rafting, the constant massive waves to the face, and the awesome scenery including the incredible waterfall experience which we were in awe about, but also because of the new relationships and the laughter and screams of all my new friends made throughout the trip! I highly encourage this kind of adventure and if you happen to be in BC, you MUST look up Hyak and give this experience a try!

So many memories come to mind when I experience great people and great adventures. Life is so valuable, and life can be so short, so it’s so important to Love, to Live, to Give as much as you can to others. When I think about my experience this past week on the HyakRiver with so many friends and fellow writers and bloggers, I can’t help but think about how beautiful life can be and how valuable and meaningful it is to make great memories whenever you can – As my friend Ricky always says, “Robin, you’re always the first to say yes whenever an experience to be had pops up” – yup that’s me, keep that in mind my friends anytime, anywhere LOL

Speaking of Hyak River Rafting, it was intense, it was exciting, it was beautiful, it was professional, it was fun! Make sure you visit: to learn more about why so many of us highly recommend this experience. No matter where you live, if you have access to White Water Rafting, give it a shot!

I always talk about getting out there and creating your own adventures, having fun and Living Life to the fullest. For me, this has been one of the greatest 2 months of my life with a much needed adventure trip to Scandinavia with my mom, a couple weeks with family in Nova Scotia, a Golf trip with friends in the Okanagan, and of course “The Great Hyak White Water Rafting experience” Here’s a few cool pics!






My passion is to make a difference and change the world and my desire is simply to make other people smile. I realize that to do that, you have to make a difference in your own life first. And a big part of that is creating balance and having fun. Another key ingredient to changing your own world is to align with others who have the desire to do the same.

Thank you Hyak River Rafting for giving us yet another great adventure of a lifetime!

And thanks to Jared, Josh, Randy and the rest of the crew for keeping us alive!

Get out there, Have fun, Make Memories and Live life to the Fullest!


Passionate about helping others discover a purposeful life filled with Grateful Happiness, Robin encourages others to
Make Memories and Live Life to the Fullest! He is passionate about Spreading Joy, Loving Life, and Making a Difference!