Golf is an easy game right? I mean how hard could it be – swinging a stick and hitting a tiny little ball into a hole. Well I’ve been golfing for well over 35 years and quite frankly, I still suck! No worries because I love the outdoors, I love the laughter with friends, and most importantly, I really love consistently shooting in the mid 90’s. I also get so pumped up when I occasionally shoot over 100. I can remember many times telling my so-called better golfer friends that 100 is a great score because the more shots, the more value you get and the cost of the round goes way down! 

I’ve never done more praying in my life than on a Golf course – a peaceful way to get away and talk to God on every single hole – O God, Why God, Oh No God, Help me God, Please God, if you just let me sink this putt God, etc, etc. It’s a place that you can obviously be one with the universe LOL.

Having Fun, Making Memories, Living Life to the Fullest! Where does the game of Golf fit in here for me? All 3 of them for sure, although I kinda would love to ERASE many of the rounds from my memory. I’m just kidding of course, as every time you are doing something you love, then you are Living Life to the Fullest! What does Living Life to the Fullest mean to you? It really is all about discovering what turns you on in life and getting out there and doing it. For me, Golf is way up there on my list of beautiful things to do and I’m passionate about finding people to do it with. Of course, I’m not too excited to play with all these hotshots, but as in this picture here, I am interested in playing Golf with a 3-year old – I might even win this time!

riannegolfThis is a great shot of little Rianne, my great friend Ricky and Anne’s daughter who is also excited to take a lesson. This was the shot of the day, as she is a little upset at my friend Paul Nijar and is saying, “Paul, could you please stop tweeting, come over here and teach me what you promised right now!”

So now you know Golf is a great game and a heck of alot of fun. Having said that, it’s finally donned on me after all these years that why not take a Golf lesson or 20 and find someone who has the patience, the passion, and the love for the game who will show you all the things you are doing wrong and help to make them right!

Enter my new and awesome friend Rahim Gulam, who put it out there to me, our friends and the YVR Bloggers that he is a great Golf Coach, and he was right! We had a great day of learning and fun and the one on one individual attention that everyone deserves. And I discovered that if you Love Golf as much as I do, you should actually take a lesson!

Rahim Gulam is a PGTAA Golf Teaching Professional ( Professional Golf Teachers Association of America) and teaches out of two facilities, one in Richmond at an outdoor facility and one in Port Moody in an indoor facility. 

golfacademyGreat Day, Great Friends, Great Kids, Great Lessons; what could be better than that! This is a shot of me, Balraj and Paul. In Golf, it is always important to have a pre-shot Selfie Routine which is always a crucial and important part of the pre-game routine – right coach Rahim?

This day was honestly a treat and a half starting off with hanging out with my buddies and for the first time ever, rocking a golf lesson with my great friends.

**If you would like to know more about the game of Golf; if you are a newbie with a not so graceful swing like me that worries on every shot that you might hit someone on the head even if they are beside you; if you are a seasoned golfer that simply needs a slight tweak to your swing, then my greatest suggestion is to search out someone like Rahim, or better yet, search for Rahim!



A Cool Video of the experience from my new friends Sheeba and Shaheed..


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