Great Memories will last a Lifetime!

This has been a great summer, filled with fun, adventure and most importantly, great quality time spent with friends and family! The truth is that Life is Short and it’s important to follow your heart, do what you want and find ways to “Live your Dreams.” I don’t know what that is for you, but for me, it’s to spread joy and happiness and make memories with those that mean the most. Life can be one great adventure. Why not make yours one where you can look back and say, “I made that happen and had the time of my life!” read more

Make Memories, Have Fun, Live Life to the Fullest!

This was one of the Coolest experiences ever.

Hyak River Rafting Adventures proved to be one of the most outstanding events of the year, not just for the rafting, the constant massive waves to the face, and the awesome scenery including the incredible waterfall experience which we were in awe about, but also because of the new relationships and the laughter and screams of all my new friends made throughout the trip! I highly encourage this kind of adventure and if you happen to be in BC, you MUST look up Hyak and give this experience a try! read more

Live Life Now – Golf Anyone?

Golf is an easy game right? I mean how hard could it be – swinging a stick and hitting a tiny little ball into a hole. Well I’ve been golfing for well over 35 years and quite frankly, I still suck! No worries because I love the outdoors, I love the laughter with friends, and most importantly, I really love consistently shooting in the mid 90’s. I also get so pumped up when I occasionally shoot over 100. I can remember many times telling my so-called better golfer friends that 100 is a great score because the more shots, the more value you get and the cost of the round goes way down!  read more

Monster Fun at Monster Jam..

Why do you love Monster Trucks? That was my awesome question for two kids who were sitting in front of me while my friend and I were setting up our camera’s for some EPIC Monster Truck shots! His answer: “They’re big, so cool and they go fast. I want to be a Monster Truck Driver!” Well to be honest, even at my slightly older age, I’m even thinking about being a Monster Truck Driver. I do remember my Mom always saying I was a Monster, so maybe she knew something! But seriously folks, that did happen, those kids were jumping for joy all night, and this experience was exactly why I enjoy being a part of and supporting any event that can inspire people to a happier life. read more

Having Fun – Wild Play, Wild Day

Our adventure to Wild Play can be summed up in one word.. FUN!

I’m a challenge junkie who loves to find and create adventures everywhere. My motto is to Have Fun, Make Memories and Enjoy Life to the Fullest, so Wild Play was the perfect stop to make those things happen. What a great surprise we were all in for, and to be completely honest, much better than I expected, except for the part where I embarrassed myself and pooped my pants somewhere between tree 10 and tree 50. That’s a long story LOL. read more

Having Fun, Making Memories, Dinotown

This was a very cool experience; so cool in fact, I decided to Rock a video that I must say is pretty awesome and captures the essence of the fun we all had that day at Dinotown Funland.

Dinotown is located in beautiful Cultus Lake and is surrounded by the most awesome and pristine mountains. Across the street from the Cultus Lake Waterslides, Dinotown is a must attend for you and all your youngsters. read more